Common Sense Leadership

This is what I’m reading at the moment. I love leadership books that resonate with common sense.

After the introduction, I’m convinced that this sucker is FULL of that very thing.
If you’ve read it, what do you think?
Check back for a full report. Our entire staff is reading it, and we’ll be discussing in a few weeks…

2 thoughts on “Common Sense Leadership

  1. FYI, I took the strength finders eval about 3 months ago and found very useful vocabulary. Nice addition to the leadership piece.


  2. I've read it, and heard him speak a couple of times. As usual, I've struggled with its implications for the church. How do we reconcile “strengths-based” leadership with 2 Corinthians 12:5 – 9, especially if you consider that (as Marva Dawn would argue) that v9 is better translated “the power is brought to its end in weakness”. The implication is that when the church embraces weakness, it rejects earthly power and authority (the same power and authority that Paul talks about in Ephesians). On the other hand, when it embraces earthly power — triumphalism, some call it — then it actually embraces anti-Christian methods (the powers) for accomplishing the ends of Christ.

    I don't reject Buckingham out of hand, but I think the church ALWAYS needs to keep an eye out for strengths/triumphant-based leadership, when our savior said that the way of brokenness and love — even to the Cross — is the way of the master.

    Service and love will always triumph over gifts.


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