Piano Lessons

I’ve always played the piano.

Well, not always. But as far back as I can remember. Lessons started in 2nd grade; I tried to quit in 6th grade, when I came up against Brian’s Song in the key of A. I think I yelled, cried, and threw things; but my mom stomped her foot and said YOU WILL NOT QUIT. YOU WILL DO THIS.

So I did.

I’ve taught private lessons for 30+ years (gasp. That’s a long time!) I hold a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Texas Tech University, and I have classroom experience in Texas, the Dominican Republic, Ohio and Virginia. I’ve played out in jazz and big bands, rock and roll bands, and a cool little folk duo, where I loved to play and sing Landslide. Playing contemporary worship music is my current gig, but I love me some old hymns. I read, but I play by ear, too.

My number one goal as a music educator is to encourage students as they discover the tremendous things of which they are capable. Kind of like my mom did for me.

I teach at Powhatan Music & Sound, the local music store owned by my husband; I focus on advanced students, but just about anybody who loves to learn makes me happy.

I can also do short-term coaching in person or online – especially for church musicians exploring the transition from traditional to more contemporary styles.

For more info, contact Powhatan Music – info@powhatanmusic.com or 804-598-1598.