Humility At The GLS

A large part of the takeaway of any experience is what you bring to the table yourself. My parents always told me, You'll get out of it what you put into it. In her 2018 Summit talk, Juliet Funt said that 50% of any problem you face is your responsibility. But we live in such a … Continue reading Humility At The GLS


"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes..."To quote David Bowie.I've been on staff at PCC as the primary worship leader ever since I've started here, seven years ago. The church has grown, our team of musicians has grown.And I've grown. Sideways, sometimes. But that counts, too. I've probably learned as much from my failures and mistakes as I have from things … Continue reading Changes

Doing Church The Way God Called Us To Do It

Home.  Sitting in Panera waiting on results from a local show choir competition.  Here, engaged, but not really here....Feeling convicted about my "Dear 21st Century Church" post.  Seems like I either didn't explain myself very well or there was something bitter running through the entire thing experience that leached through.  In spite of three edits, … Continue reading Doing Church The Way God Called Us To Do It