It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

"The thing about that it works. It helps you transcend the dreary, draining elements of everyday life and see something bigger. And in the presence of something bigger, you get quite small..." Kelly Corrigan I'm reading a fascinating book by Trevor Hudson called Seeking God. The subtitle is weighty: Finding Another Kind of Live … Continue reading It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Behold The Lamb Of God And Why We Drove Six Hours For A Concert

We first experienced Behold the Lamb of God in 2010, in a cramped room at Bon Air Baptist Church. My dear friends with impeccable taste in music - Jimmy and Judy - insisted that we go. So, we did. And our hearts were filled to the brim. The following year, we learned the music and … Continue reading Behold The Lamb Of God And Why We Drove Six Hours For A Concert


Out in the yard this evening, I was up to my elbows in my new hobby; literally. First of all, there's this: I have a hobby. Referencing again Oliver Burkeman's Time Management for Mortals, It seems the concept of 'having hobbies' might be a good way to counteract the incessant demands on our attention. Granted, … Continue reading Light

A Confession

I crouched on a short wooden pier by the boat launch. Something shiny had caught my eye, something moving in the murky, shallow water. It was a fish. More accurately, the corpse of a fish. Dead, about 10 inches long, laying sideways on the surface of the water - but twirling and jerking in a … Continue reading A Confession