Things I Am Learning

A thing I’ve joked about many times is that my God isn’t subtle. I don’t get the fuzzy inclination that perhaps I should go in this different direction. I get a wrecking ball, and by instinct, instead of bowing in gratitude for the flattening of all that guesswork and the clearing of the way, I … Continue reading Things I Am Learning

The Purpose Of Lent

Five days since Ash Wednesday, and Lent has done its work already. In the brilliant collection of readings for the season found in Bread and Wine, Edna Hong writes: The purpose of Lent is to arouse. To arouse the sense of sin. To arouse a sense of guilt for sin. To arouse the humble contrition … Continue reading The Purpose Of Lent


Out in the yard this evening, I was up to my elbows in my new hobby; literally. First of all, there's this: I have a hobby. Referencing again Oliver Burkeman's Time Management for Mortals, It seems the concept of 'having hobbies' might be a good way to counteract the incessant demands on our attention. Granted, … Continue reading Light