Daily Discipline

It seems it was another lifetime when I wrote here regularly, when the blog was the primary place for organizing my thoughts and feelings and finding the words to give them life. I posted photos, and the occasional comment was generally encouraging and helpful. Connections were made. So much has changed, hasn't it? It's easy … Continue reading Daily Discipline

A Confession

I crouched on a short wooden pier by the boat launch. Something shiny had caught my eye, something moving in the murky, shallow water. It was a fish. More accurately, the corpse of a fish. Dead, about 10 inches long, laying sideways on the surface of the water - but twirling and jerking in a … Continue reading A Confession


Of all the things to change during this sabbatical season, the most unexpected is what happens at night. For three days now, I've drifted off to sleep with the knowledge that I have no meetings or agenda awaiting come morning. I'm guessing that this empty space is being filled with my creative impulses, subconscious desires, … Continue reading Dreams