Your Goodness Is Running After Me

I'm making green juice these days. It's messy, because I don't have a juicer. I use my blender - a powerful machine that appeared as a Christmas gift last year - and it does a great job 'extracting' material, by which I think it means, 'pulverizing' whatever you toss upon the whirring blades of destruction. … Continue reading Your Goodness Is Running After Me

It Takes As Long As It Takes

Apple Maple Pie! Something felt very different about today; I sensed a pivot point of sorts - or what feels like the definitive end of a season. Or maybe it was just that it was a day filled with good things, including a new recipe for a homemade apple pie. Or perhaps it was something … Continue reading It Takes As Long As It Takes


Out in the yard this evening, I was up to my elbows in my new hobby; literally. First of all, there's this: I have a hobby. Referencing again Oliver Burkeman's Time Management for Mortals, It seems the concept of 'having hobbies' might be a good way to counteract the incessant demands on our attention. Granted, … Continue reading Light

A Confession

I crouched on a short wooden pier by the boat launch. Something shiny had caught my eye, something moving in the murky, shallow water. It was a fish. More accurately, the corpse of a fish. Dead, about 10 inches long, laying sideways on the surface of the water - but twirling and jerking in a … Continue reading A Confession