Study Break 2013

Every year, I get a study break.Every year, I try to take a bit of it.This year, I'm doing it right.(Here is a little glimpse of last year's break...)I'm taking the entire break in one big clump, as encouraged by my boss (who had a terrific, extended study break during his sabbatical last summer). After … Continue reading Study Break 2013

There Were No Easter Baskets

Time just keeps moving us forward. There's no greater reminder of this for me, lately, than holidays. What once was a foregone conclusion; holiday, big dinner, everybody home - has morphed into something that requires a lot of mobility and flexibility.Such was Easter this year. The boys are gone, off on a mission trip with … Continue reading There Were No Easter Baskets


"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes..."To quote David Bowie.I've been on staff at PCC as the primary worship leader ever since I've started here, seven years ago. The church has grown, our team of musicians has grown.And I've grown. Sideways, sometimes. But that counts, too. I've probably learned as much from my failures and mistakes as I have from things … Continue reading Changes

Church Today

Wow.Some days just work.Sometimes it's my attitude.Sometimes it's a great combination of people.Sometimes it's the fresh wind of grace.Today, our gathering of worship was just that. We were whipped and caressed with grace.And it was good. In spite of all the things that we control that failed to occur, the mistakes made, balls spite … Continue reading Church Today