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Finished working on the graphic for the upcoming series.

I absolutely LOVE doing graphic work. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I love figuring it out along the way. I envy folks like Katie Rusch who are immersed in work like this at university.

One day…it’s on my bucket list….



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  1. that's pretty neat and you didn't even use InDesign!


  2. ha ha ha… sometimes work like this is fun, and sometimes it drives me up the wall. but i guess that's how everything is?

    by the way, this looks great! 🙂 i might put it in photoshop and adjust the colors a little though – the whole thing is super blue. unless that's the point…

    it's 2:30 am, i just finished putting one of my finals together i am really tired i am going to sleep now byeeee


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