Of Gnomes And Crowns

So I wonder what THAT brainstorming session was like….

“What if we made a movie about gnomes…fighting gnomes….and called it ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’….and had a pink flamingo…and Dolly Parton!!!!…and got Elton John to do the music….and created a giant lawnmower that destroyed everything…and called the lawnmower the ‘Terrafirminator’….and maybe Hulk Hogan would be in the movie, too….and let’s call Ozzy Osbourne….and make it all in 3D!….”

What an idea. Encouraged me to think with a bit more imagination about what I do every week! It was a good movie, a nice way to end this very long day on a pleasant note. Escape to a world of red and blue gnomes and happy-ever-after. Pretty mindless, but a few great moments and authentic laughter. Loved being there with Tony, Syd and Daniel.

Highly recommended, safe for kids, funny for adults. Not a bad diversion.

That’s what I needed this evening, after an hour of very deep sleep after returning home. I am exhausted, and my well is close to dry tonight.

I will say that Bob’s service today was powerful, all that it could have been. I enjoyed the service and the music and the tributes. I loved the opportunity to spend some time with Bob and Jeannie’s family and to meet finally have the honor of meeting Janet. I felt such a strong connection with all of them and I am hoping that those relationships might continue. I was SO proud of Sherry and Winston and Rachel, and especially my husband.

I am proud of our band, who held it together and played their hearts out. Proud of Todd for playing a right-handed kit – no small thing for a left-handed drummer – in order to minimize distraction. So proud of Paul Myers for leading us in a beautiful hymn. I am in awe of Eli Tiller and his ability to bring about an incredible moment of glory with his voice. I am so proud of my pastor, Bob’s friend, who not only spoke but sang, and did so very well.

And isn’t it just like Bob, to put all of us in places where we would shine, where he could affirm and encourage us? He orchestrated everything today so that we could lift one another up, fill the room with hope.

The chorus in the song Bob requested for Brian was the one I couldn’t get through this week. I sat at my piano here in the house singing and playing, negotiating a new key, and I choked every time I got to that part of the chorus:

And when my life’s complete / I’ll place my crown at Your feet
And I will worship You on bended knee

But this morning, I never hesitated. As we worshiped together, I had this very real understanding that all was at it should be. Bob got his crown, and I’ve no doubt that as all of the angels and those of us still on earth lifted our voices together, that crown was in its rightful place.

And so is our friend.

As I write these words, I hear my husband upstairs practicing for tomorrow’s service. Ironically, he’s playing the same song that I heard a little over a week ago, when all these events began to snowball, leading us to today.

You stay the same through the ages / Your love never changes
There may be pain in the night / but joy comes in the morning

Amen, and amen.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. – Romans 15.13

One thought on “Of Gnomes And Crowns

  1. Beth,
    I was in the kitchen, but what I heard of it was awesome. It was a beautiful service. I know you have had an exhausting week, emotionally and physically. Try to get some rest!


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