It’s My Favorite Holiday

Here are a few photos from this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. We were at home this year, with Mom and Dad at the table with us. It was one of the most restful and relaxing holidays I can recall.

The table was full. Mom brought her signature cornbread dressing, and it pretty much ruled the day. Along with the deviled eggs and the FIVE pies we had…

Our yearly treat is sparkling grape juice for all. We always run out, so this year I stocked up and we opened bottle after bottle after bottle…

It’s a yearly tradition that the cook kisses the turkey. Don’t ask me where or when this actually started, but we’ve got pictures from several years running of various females in the family offering the crowning touch to the bird. My turn this year!

Shannon was home.

That was good.

In fact, having everybody under one roof was extraordinary this year. I truly appreciated the “homecoming” aspect of the holiday, more than ever before.

Our dinner conversation always begins with a tour around the table, when every person in attendance has a chance to voice their thoughts regarding a year’s worth of gratitude. This year was interesting; our first year with Tony officially in the family. That marked the top of his gratitude list – our new family unit.

Daniel offered thanks for his percussion teacher. I thought that was cool.

David actually had something to say this year, which in itself brought me to tears. He has grown so much; he is surging into a full, confident life of brilliance. I was so proud of him.

Mom offered thanks for her good health, and then said “Oh, and by the way, I am having surgery in two weeks….”

It was our “WHAT??” moment at the table. She assured us that it was minor (cataracts) and not anything to worry about; but her timing was impeccable.

The day included little more than food, conversation, naps, the newspaper (and shopping plans, which didn’t materialize for me except for the online variety…) and a sweet sense of life, slowly.

It is, indeed, my favorite holiday.

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