Summer Days

Although we’ve been on vacation for about nine days, we’re really feeling it now. The first few days were awesome, visiting with my brother and his family in Tallahassee. We had a great time.

But we usually spend our vacations with them at Emerald Isle. And now that we’re enjoying some bona fide beach time, it doesn’t feel quite right that they’re not here…

But it still feels pretty good.

Who am I kidding? It feels REALLY good. I walk every evening, down to the pier and back. I walk to Food Lion for supplies. We grill on the deck. We drink a ton of Crystal Light lemonade. We sleep in piles, squished together like rats – but comfortable.

We have a great time.

As things continue to change, we are doing our best to deal with what leaves and what remains. Tony and Sarah left early with my parents. Eric and Shana aren’t here. Travis is here, and my cousin’s son Zach came down to visit for the first time. We watched two World Cup games this week, with requisite squealing and screaming.

Here’s a few random shots of things that stay the same and some new stuff, too:

Travis and Daniel – I’m not sure what they were doing…


Shannon, after the Spain/Germany game. She was worn out.

My boys – my young men – listening to their mother. “PUT ON YOUR SUN SCREEN!”

Working on a drip castle
One of the things that NEVER changes; the view from the top of the stairs. Perhaps my favorite view in the world…

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