I’m thanking you, God, from a full heart, I’m writing the book on your wonders. – Psalm 9.1, The Message

Today, I am thankful for color.

The way the sun dances on the front of the storage building in the back yard.
(Which was built by my friend Andy, for whom I am also grateful.)
A carpet of leaves layers the ground outside my kitchen window, covering up the lack of landscaping attention so sorely needed. Now it just looks leafy. Kind of like throwing a nice quilt over a sofa that’s seen better days.
Autumn is my favorite time of year; at least that is so in October and November, when the colors are passionate and full of the demonstrative glory of change. For most of my life, I’ve been all about the changing; rearranging the furniture, finding a new job, starting a new hobby.
I’m settling down in my old age, I suppose. I am more reluctant to change, more aware of the toll and time it takes. I’m a good bit more comfortable.
But the colors of fall remind me that there is glory in death and beauty in transition.
Photo courtesy of Sarah Brawley

2 thoughts on “Colors

  1. I think that the changes that are coming your way are going to be some of the most significant changes that you have ever experienced. You are about to marry a man who I know has love for you that no words could ever express. God has brought him to you at this time in your life as a blessing and a gift for how faithful you have been to God, to your children, to your family and to your church. My personal prayer is that the next weeks of this season in your life will be the gateway to the best days of your life to come.

    Thanks for letting us share this with you! I love you and I'm so glad you are my sister in Christ!


  2. Wow, bp…you hit this nail square on the ol head! She may be in a new season of life but when I see/hear her giddy as a 19 year old in anticipation about this!!!!!!


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