We’re Gonna Figure It Out

Gathered up from a post on Milton’s blog, here is something I recognized today. 

This, taken from the Bruce Springsteen interview in Rolling Stone, describes how I feel about my life. My job. My friends. My family. My fellow musicians at PCC. The people – my friends – with whom I work.  Here is my life:

All you want is for your voice to be part of the record, at a particular time and place. You try to be on the right side of history. And maybe some other kid will hear that and go, “Oh, yeah, that sounds like the place I live.” …And the fire I feel in myself and the band – it’s a very enjoyable thing. It carries an element of desperateness. It also carries an element of thankfulness. We are perched at a place where we want to continue on – with excellence. That’s our goal. And all the rest of the stuff – we’re gonna figure it out.

It’s been a difficult week.  I have struggled with feeling inept, incapable of fixing things. Helpless in the face of friends who say they’re losing ground, giving up. Burdened by the raw, aching wounds of people around me. Hurt by criticism and misunderstanding.
I quite like this notion of living with a combination of desperation and gratitude.  And I can cling to the notion of being perched – what a great word! – at a place where we “want to continue on with excellence”.
Struck down, but not destroyed.  Persecuted, not abandoned.  Pressed, but not crushed.
And thank You.

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