Understandably Beat

As a sixth grader, Daniel took the option to participate in Junior Drum Line this year. It means Tuesday-Thursday practices, a bit of extra study, and during the competition season, a lot of long Saturdays. He’s doing great – plays wonderfully, is extremely intense and focused and is becoming an excellent musician. I’m thrilled with the level of support and instruction he’s receiving from the percussion specialist and with the discipline and work ethic he is developing. It’s been a very good thing for all concerned.

Last weekend, they went to Warrenton for a competitive event. They went in late – after our ‘ice cream lunch’ – but that meant they got home late, too. He got back to the house a little before 3:00 a.m. and stayed up for another hour. When we got up for church at 6:00 a.m. Daniel got up with us. A day at church, lunch afterwards, some time throwing the football outside, a trip to wash the car and drop girls off for bible study…

Is it any wonder that he crashed while we waited for the girls to finish up?

5 thoughts on “Understandably Beat

  1. Good for Daniel.I am always amazed at all the activities your kids are involved with–and you for helping them.I loved your prior post on the icecream boyfriend. Great perks with the job.Brewsters is a popular place around here too, but I have never been–always long lines.


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