Stunning Revelations

Some things I learned today:

  • When I don’t have to cook for a family, I can use one plate.  And one fork.  And just wash them over and over.  Wow.
  • After two days alone, I’ve begun to talk to myself.  Quite a bit.  I also spoke harshly today to a large pot.  Left alone, to my own devices, I will undoubtedly turn into a crazy lady.
  • Twitter – especially Tweetdeck – is bad for me.  Having it off for two days has led to some blessed relief.
  • My natural rhythm is bed at midnight, up at 8:30.  This has not changed for most of my life.  I sort of thought I’d grow out of it.  Hasn’t happened.  That’s my normal.  
  • I like garlic.
  • I’m sure of three things in my life:  the work I do, the people I love and my devotion to my kids.  It’s been a journey to get here – on study break a few years ago, I was questioning two of the three.  Now, there’s no doubt.
  • I’d rather watch ‘Biggest Loser’ than ‘American Idol’.  Study break or not, I’m not missing Tuesday night with Jillian.
  • I like yoga.  I did yoga with FitTv today.  It was really cool.
More spiritual/work stuff later.  Lots of great stuff going on.
I am so grateful for this time.  It is a gift beyond measure.

Life On God’s Terms

Some random stuff…just because…

Shannon was inducted into the National Honor Society today, carrying on a fine family tradition.  It was extra special, because I always play a little “mood music” for the tapping ceremonies.  For a few years now, I find myself sitting at the grand on the stage and playing appropriately-semi-formal chord progressions, with a dash of Pachelbel and Bach and the occasional old hymn.  I enjoy it, and I usually tear up as I watch my kids’ peers join a rather elite group.  Shannon finally gathered the credentials to get in, and today was her day.  She was announced and subsequently tapped by her sweetheart, hugged by her dad and stepmom, and then I got up from the piano and skipped across the stage to give her a hug myself.  It was very cool.  I am very proud.
On that note, the entire household has A/B honor roll grades, save for one pesky little C in a statistics class.  I’m extremely pleased with my kids’ efforts.  Unfortunately, the two carrots that dangled in front of the boys for straight A’s are still dangling – maybe next nine weeks. 
I’m getting ready for a one-week study break next week.  The kids are going with their dad for spring break, and I’m going to hunker down, disconnect and get some reading and forward planning done.  I am really, really looking forward to this with great anticipation – and not because I’m tired.  I am eagerly awaiting the chance to work, uninterrupted.  I know God’s messing with me, and I’m ready to do some wrestling.  I have a ton of books to read.  I have a date with God.
Still reeling from the impact of last Sunday’s service and the implications for our community.  Life is messy.  Community is messy.  Churches sometimes make it messier.  It’s a challenge.
The girls are full-swing into raising funds and planning for their summer mission trip to Macedonia.  I am incredibly proud of them.  They are focused and excited.
Sarah has finalized plans to spend the summer in Germany with our cousins.  She’ll care for their kids and live as a big sister to their family for about 8 weeks.  I’m thrilled – and petrified.  Learning how to let go in a major way.  I find myself wondering what, exactly, I was thinking when I said, “Yes!  What a GREAT idea!!!”  But it is, indeed, a great idea.  My head knows that.  I’ve got a few weeks before my heart believes it.
Every time I turn around, something else musical is going on.  Friday night, Sarah’s playing with the band she has half-way committed to – The Half Jeffersons – at a club in the city.  A guy from our small group is playing a swing band show that same night.  Our PCC band is playing cover tunes at The County Seat Restaurant here in town on Saturday night.  Another PCC group is playing a prayer breakfast on Friday morning in Midlothian.  Of course, there’s Easter coming up – lots of music and a choir to boot.  The girls just got a call to play and sing at the upcoming Relay For Life event.
We’re busy.
We’re broke.
But I’m not anxious about it.  Considering this: 

If you grasp and cling to life on your terms, you’ll lose it, but if you let that life go, you’ll get life on God’s terms.  – Luke 17.33

Yes.  In spite of my tendency to grasp and cling, that’s what I want.  I’m learning to let go.  I do believe that in the end, life on God’s terms is better than the melted mess left in my hands.

All I Have To Do…

I just woke up.  Stayed up later than usual with friends, after a great church leadership meeting.

I’m discovering a pattern here; when I can sleep a decent amount of time – like more than six hours – I remember my dreams.
And they’re really…well, strange might be the operative word.
Here’s what I remembered this morning:  I dreamed of satan.  He was real, tangible, literal.  I was in a home with bunch of teenagers, and satan roamed around upstairs.  Occasionally somebody went up to that floor and stumbled around, got beaten up, was thrown back downstairs – but in my dream it was understood that is was on me to do battle. I was responsible for putting this guy in his place, for protecting those with me in the house.  I went upstairs a few times and managed to get out alive by shouting or screaming “Jesus”.
We gathered all the teenagers together, ostensibly for some sort of rehearsal, but I grabbed the leader/pastor (someone like Brian, but not Brian) who was fixated on putting together the stage platform.  I insisted that we address the reality of the enemy and the spiritual battle that was right in our midst, rather than go through some rehearsal.  At that point, satan – who looked like some sort of intense,  winged transformer – very red, dark, and angry – came into the room with all of us.
Nobody was really scared.  You’d think we’d experience abject terror in the presence of such evil.  But it was if everyone didn’t think enough of him to even react; like he was just another fictionalized object, a distraction.
And then someone went out of the room to fight with him, and they didn’t come back.  And he did.  I stood in front of him and began to say “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”, to state various scriptures (“Greater is he who is in me…”)

It seemed to do minimal damage, but he left me alone.
John Starkey was in my dream; he took a phone call and announced that Matt Turner was in the hospital and we needed to pray for him.  Someone called me into the hallway to try to help the girl who had gone upstairs…
Then I woke up. 
Very strange.  I can connect the dots to the reality of my life today….just a bit….
Anybody want to take a stab at dream analyzation?  Go for it.