Sunday Setlist 11.8.09

I've been getting some grief from folks who are unhappy with my lack of blogging consistency. I'll try to rectify that in coming weeks, starting with a recap of today's service and our new series at PCC.After finishing our WIRED series, which focused on our individual relationship with God and spiritual discipleship, we are intentionally … Continue reading Sunday Setlist 11.8.09

Sunday Setlist 10.4.09

What a day at church today. It's the second week of our WIRED series (if you don't yet have a devotional book, pick one up at the office this week or at the resource table at church).Our community sadly is mourning the loss of Charlie Green, a fine man and passionate community servant. Because his … Continue reading Sunday Setlist 10.4.09

Sunday Setlist 4.5.09 – Putting The Palm In Palm Sunday

I need to try to process this day; not sure how. I keep typing various superlatives; "stunning".  "Amazing".  "Powerful".None are adequate. So, just the facts.This morning, our 'Palm Sunday' service.  We have never been traditional in our approach to much of anything, and we've never done much about putting the palm in Palm Sunday.  But this year, … Continue reading Sunday Setlist 4.5.09 – Putting The Palm In Palm Sunday