Crazy Love

For the past two years, I’ve hosted a small group in my home on Monday nights. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to meet people, to learn together and to do life. I’ve made some great friends and been deeply impacted by the power of community.

I made a change this year and decided to open up my Monday nights for my family. A new marriage was a great motivator, and so far it’s been a good move. But I do miss my small group…
In lieu of Monday nights, I decided to lead a study of Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love. I dug into this book during my study break last year and was really blown away by its deliberate focus on GOD. Sounds like a “duh” moment, but Chan takes a different approach than many current cool and trendy Christian books (at least the ones that I’ve been reading) and offers a perspective on theology, the nature and character of God and our resulting place in the world that is focused and fresh.
We’re meeting on Tuesday afternoons at the Powhatan Library. There’s room for a few more folks, if you’re interested in joining us. Shoot me an email at beth {at} powhatancc {dot} org and let me know. I’d love to have you join us.
(And I don’t know about you – it’s me, showing my age – but every time I think about this book, I hum a little Poco….)

All The Single Ladies (And Guys)

I’m single. And I serve a large church, where a lot of other single people find themselves. We continue to work to find effective ways get single people connected in service and small groups, to find ways to help process and work through the very difficult challenges that men and women face as they recover from divorce or deal with singleness that goes past the age of 30, when it appears that society expects you to be married. Getting connecting, meeting and trusting people? Not always easy. When you have issues stemming from divorce, it can be extremely complicated.
It’s tough. People want to find God, to learn more about serving and growing. But people also want healing, and help, and partnership and connection. Often, single folks just want something to do. Being alone can be very lonely.
It’s a struggle for me, in a position of leadership at church, to know exactly how to best serve folks like me.
I read something today on Kathy Guy’s blog that really helped me understand how a church can best serve single people. Here’s what she has to say to the single folks at their church:
It’s likely that 90% – or at least a bunch of you – are here with the hope of meeting someone of the opposite sex. That’s not an insult or a judgement. It’s understandable and nothing wrong with it. It’s reality.

At the same time, the intent of our group environments is not to provide a dating service.
Our hope is for you to discover more fully how much you matter to God, and we believe that this happens best as you build relationships with each other.

If inside of meeting others, you happen to meet the person of your dreams, well that’s just a big touchdown for you! If you measure your experience based on that, however, you’ll be disappointed. You will have an opportunity to get to know some people, and you’ll start seeing them when you come to church. You’ll feel like you know some people, and it just makes it better.”

Our hope is for you to discover more fully how much you matter to God.
Anything else is a bonus.
That’s a great way to do church.
What do you think?