A Day Off

Taking a day off today.

No, really.
Okay, well…sort of.  I do have to work tonight, playing for an associational event.  And that means I have to go pick up gear and do set up and sound check and all that.  It’ll be a four or five hour investment.
Some other week, that four or five hours would simply top off my normal workday.
But not this week.  I’m learning to be just a bit more self-protective, recognizing that the world will continue to spin whether or not I frenetically struggle through the day.
So I’m letting go.  I’m staying home and doing some much-needed housecleaning/keeping/organization.  Some of this is absolutely necessary; the weather has finally turned chilly, and we’re still pulling out shorts and t-shirts.  Time to climb up into the attic and sort through the winter clothes.
Some of it is just a search for peace.  I need some quiet stillness, some moments alone with God.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to text my boss and say, “I need a day off” without fear of repercussion or recrimination.
So off I go, into my day-at-home.  Of course, I have a sick kid upstairs in my bed (David stayed home yesterday, today it’s Sydni; general malaise, coughing, headache), which keeps me in “mother mode”.  But that’s okay.  I can handle that…