Snorkeling Day In Puerto Rico

Mason┬áThe folks who plan the World Changers trips encourage the need for a day or two of acclimation prior to work.This sort of acclimation is a tremendous blessing.I could get used to this. But today, we move to the camp at Juana Diaz and get ready to work. We were in Paraguera, Puerto Rico. I'd … Continue reading Snorkeling Day In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Day One: Saturday

Fire throwers.Parrots.Churros.A castle.And, to top it all off, the Caribbean ocean.It's been a long day, and it started way too early - although if you ask Brian Hughes, he'll tell you that God gets up every day around 4AM, and so do godly people. But what does he know?Both flights were uneventful, with some interesting … Continue reading Puerto Rico Day One: Saturday