"It pays to take life seriously; things work out when you trust in God." Proverbs 16.20, The MessageTaking this with me today. Before the day began there were hints of crisis everywhere. People I love who are suffering, hurting, confused and broken. Worries and anxiety right here in my neighborhood. Phone calls and texts and … Continue reading Trust

The Bible And The Bills

Last week, I lost three very important things:my Biblemy March church expense statementmy January church expense statement (don't ask)I looked everywhere; I turned the house upside down. I went through everything in my office three times. No sign of the Bible or the bills.I assumed the Bible would turn up eventually. It's quite amazing, actually, … Continue reading The Bible And The Bills

Strength For Today

Lord,Your servant doesn’t know left from right.Even now I don’t know which one of your hands I am in.Whether I am in the left or the right, it doesn’t matter.I am in your hands.That’s enough.HT to Chris at Enchanted Oak for this, which she's had on her refrigerator for eight years.

Don’t Forget

The Haitian government estimates approximately 230,000 died in the quakeIt estimates a further 300,000 people have sustained injuriesAn unknown number of others have died from untreated sepsis, illness, and injuryOne million remain homelessFifty thousand families have received tent-type emergency sheltersTents donated by the Cirque du Soleil might soon house the Haitian governmentMore than 500,000 children … Continue reading Don’t Forget

Let’s Fight.

Holly Furtick wrote an incredibly powerful blog post last week.You should read it.  Especially if you are part of Powhatan Community Church - or any church - you should read this post.And, after you're done reading, do something.And leave a comment and let us know what you did.Here's an excerpt; the emphasis is mine.I'm just saying … Continue reading Let’s Fight.