I sent a text to my oldest kids tonight, with a quote from one of my favorite authors. The writings of Richard Rohr have profoundly influenced my continued growth as I seek to understand and appreciate the intersection of people and faith. So I sent the kids a Rohr quote, something that popped up on … Continue reading Success

Trusting In Advance

With the benefit of hindsight, it's not difficult to admit that change is good. We do not become who we need to be without altered circumstances, in spite of the pain in the process. It's hard to believe until we are well past the gate, but change always has the potential to be good. It gives … Continue reading Trusting In Advance

Always A Woman

I love creative stuff that includes a fresh perspective on the more unique aspects of life.Lately, I've been thinking a lot about growing up. Older. It comes from watching my oldest girls, I think. And from watching myself. The entire paradigm of aging comes with a tri-fold mirror; depending on your view, you'll get a … Continue reading Always A Woman

You Know You’ve Had A Tough Week When…

I'm folding laundry, watching old episodes of The Office on Hulu, and bawling like a baby.Quite irrationally.EDIT: THREE HOURS LATER, THE TEARS TURNED INTO THOSE NASTY, CAN'T-CATCH-MY-BREATH, GUT-WRENCHING SOBS. YOU KNOW THE KIND - AN UGLY CRY. BUT HAVE NO FEAR - MY HERO SOON APPEARED, WITH THE FOLLOWING IN HAND:A SHOULDER (FOR CRYING)A DOZEN … Continue reading You Know You’ve Had A Tough Week When…