Hear. See. Notice. Eric Johnson.

"The musical style of Eric Johnson...features electric rock instrumentation, blues influences, great musicianship, mild rhythmic syncopation and demanding instrumental part writing."That's how Pandora describes the music currently filling my ears (and those of any patrons of our music store, since I'm minding the counter this evening. And blogging. It's a slow night...) Last weekend I … Continue reading Hear. See. Notice. Eric Johnson.

Spontaneous Combustion

At rehearsal last night, we ran through a song that just didn't work. So we tried it again. I still didn't think it worked.This thought was confirmed when the sound engineer pantomimed sticking his head in a noose to end his misery.We ditched the song. I thought for a minute...waited for inspiration...only once since I've … Continue reading Spontaneous Combustion