Always A Woman

I love creative stuff that includes a fresh perspective on the more unique aspects of life.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up. Older. It comes from watching my oldest girls, I think. And from watching myself. The entire paradigm of aging comes with a tri-fold mirror; depending on your view, you’ll get a unique perspective.
Lately, I see myself a lot through my daughters’ eyes. Or at least I’m trying to.
At some point, it’s hardly an option. You have to see yourself differently. Especially as a mother. Your children willfully refuse to see you the same way. You change or risk something breaking.
This clip – actually a commercial – is heart-wrenching and beautiful. I think it wraps things up just so succinctly that it’s a tiny bit painful in its truth. It’s just so quick…
Great art, great video work, beautiful paradigm.
Plus I’m a fool for some Billy Joel.

HT to Carlos Whittaker at Ragamuffin Soul.