I sent a text to my oldest kids tonight, with a quote from one of my favorite authors. The writings of Richard Rohr have profoundly influenced my continued growth as I seek to understand and appreciate the intersection of people and faith. So I sent the kids a Rohr quote, something that popped up on … Continue reading Success

All These People

I am sitting in Foxy Loxy, a house-turned coffee shop, just a few steps from my daughter's apartment in Savannah. It's a cool, rainy day. I've snagged a table on the enclosed porch. Wooden shutters wrap around me at eye level, and the glow of the apple icon on the computers around me are the … Continue reading All These People


The view over my shoulder....Sitting at a Starbucks in Johnstown, PA. Killing time, waiting for a wedding rehearsal to begin.The clientele here is so different. It's fascinating, to consider the common denominator of a Starbucks; pretty much the same experience, wherever you are in America. Same products, same vibe. Same intentions.But sitting here in Johnstown, … Continue reading Johnstown


I have never been in a season of life in which there was so much sorrow. So much sickness. So much heaviness of life.Thursday night at a vocal ensemble rehearsal, someone mentioned that it's just that the church is big, my circle is bigger, there's more information floating around. I think there's some truth to … Continue reading Weighted

If He Hangs His Guitar In Your Room, It’s A Done Deal

I've been married for two months now; we celebrated our anniversary last night with dinner at Five Guys (fun and YUM and who in the WORLD can eat that many fries, anyway?) and a trip to the Apple Store (just looking....)At our age, we've decided to maximize our time and celebrate every month. And thus … Continue reading If He Hangs His Guitar In Your Room, It’s A Done Deal

You Know You’ve Had A Tough Week When…

I'm folding laundry, watching old episodes of The Office on Hulu, and bawling like a baby.Quite irrationally.EDIT: THREE HOURS LATER, THE TEARS TURNED INTO THOSE NASTY, CAN'T-CATCH-MY-BREATH, GUT-WRENCHING SOBS. YOU KNOW THE KIND - AN UGLY CRY. BUT HAVE NO FEAR - MY HERO SOON APPEARED, WITH THE FOLLOWING IN HAND:A SHOULDER (FOR CRYING)A DOZEN … Continue reading You Know You’ve Had A Tough Week When…