Study Break 2013

Every year, I get a study break.Every year, I try to take a bit of it.This year, I'm doing it right.(Here is a little glimpse of last year's break...)I'm taking the entire break in one big clump, as encouraged by my boss (who had a terrific, extended study break during his sabbatical last summer). After … Continue reading Study Break 2013

Mother’s Day 2012

 This was an unusual Mother's Day; the first time in memory without all five kids.As my kids grow up and move on, I'm thinking more about how my identity has been forged in my responsibilities to and for them. Being the mother of Sarah-Shannon-Sydni-Daniel-David has been my life for over 20 years. It remains so, … Continue reading Mother’s Day 2012


Just a few days ago I was thinking about how my family dynamic has changed since my oldest girls got their drivers' licenses.  Used to be, we had to pile five kids into the Suburban together to go anywhere. We didn't fit anywhere else. There were always heated arguments about who got to sit up … Continue reading Swagger

A Smaller Solution

I'm having a rough time right now.Lots of things swirling together to make a recipe for the autumn blues. Family and relational challenges. Kids growing up, stretching their wings and breaking things in the process.A friend's illness.Another friend who is processing his wife's illness.Life changes that bring about anxiety, stress, regrets and concern.The consistent lack … Continue reading A Smaller Solution