Uninterrupted Space

Over a foot of snow. The “Blizzard of 09”.

The rest of the world – away from the mid-Atlantic states – goes on as usual. Christmas shopping, concerts, shows, church services. But here in Virginia, DC and north and south of here, we are stuck. Time has slowed, stood still almost. Except for our connection to the world through the internet and television, we are still and isolated.
And it is a blessing beyond belief.
I cannot recall the last time I had this much uninterrupted space. From the kids, who had already intended to spend the weekend with their dad; from the phone. From work. From stress in general. No temptation to go out, because I cannot.
Focused time on that which has been begging for attention for weeks. Months, even. I folded six baskets of clothes that I am ashamed to admit had sat in my bedroom for longer than I can remember. We’d been rifling through the baskets for socks, jeans, shirts, underwear. Now the baskets are empty and the clothes are folded, put away in my room and waiting for the kids to do the same when they get home. The kitchen is clean. The pile of papers – excuse me, the three piles of papers and books – that had occupied my bedroom floor are now filed and put away. I vacuumed. I dusted.
I wrapped gifts, excited about some of the surprises under the tree.
My favorite elf showed up with some of Bob Pino’s chili, still warm. Delicious.
I invited the elf in, and we ate Raisinets and watched The Proposal. Sweet movie. We both cried at the end.
The gentle quiet of the day brought a peace that I’ve not experienced in a long time. Too long. I have been given a gift. The timing is impeccable.
Tomorrow, we will not have church. I am disappointed. I feel out of sorts. It’s odd to have a Saturday night that isn’t brimming with anticipation for the next morning’s worship experience. But in the midst of the disappointment in the altering of our usual plans, I’m a little excited. I wonder what the morning might bring.
I expect to find that I’ll worship in some new and different way. I intend to do so, in fact. Not sure what it will involve yet, but first and foremost, I will thank God for the gift of time – a long, luxurious, uninterrupted span of over 36 hours.
What a gift.

My Confession

When our income tax refund comes in, I usually take a bit of it and buy something for the house. Curtains, a chair, cookware; there’s always something that we could use that seems like a reasonable splurge.

This year, things have been so hectic and crazy that I decided rather than buying stuff to put in the house, I’d work in the opposite direction.
I paid someone to clean my house.
There, I confessed.  
She promised me that it would be an out-of-body experience.  It did feel – and smell – wonderful when I walked in the door.  My initial reaction was that it was worth every penny.  And it’s certainly an incentive to keep things tidy – and to clean the rest of the house (I could only afford to have her clean the bottom floor).
My kids tell me that they’ve worked up an arrangment to trade some babysitting time for cleaning with a friend of the family.  I’m thinking that might be a good deal.
We’ll need it asap.  David came home and promptly began to work on his grasslands ecosystem project, so there are giraffes, lions, pieces of felt and construction paper trimmings all over the dining room table….and the floor….
Life goes on…

…happy to report that the clothes are ALL folded….and put away…and the females are diligently cleaning their room…and the boys’ room is clean (more or less)…and the last load of laundry awaits…and all the piles of paper have been sorted…and filed…

it’s not perfect, but:  there is order to the chaos.
my head feels better.
my tummy, however, hurts.  what’s up with THAT?  
i ain’t feeling so good…..

Random Saturday Thoughts

A couple things I have discovered this morning:

  • Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza looks great, smells great, tastes great.  But it’s an internal nightmare.
  • A nap at 5:30 PM doesn’t indicate a normal bedtime later that evening.
  • If I don’t have to get up (like to get the kids on the bus, be somewhere, do something), then, frankly, I’d rather not.
  • I have much to do.  The thought of structuring my Saturday around what I need to do, rather than the kids’ obligations, is somewhat pleasing to me.
  • If I don’t clean my bathroom soon, I might have to report myself to the Health Department.
  • Candy Salyer would be so disappointed in me if she was in my bathroom.  (Seriously, that’s who I thought of this morning when I looked around and realized that I could not let this slide one more day.  It’s not my mom I worry about anymore; it’s Candy Salyer.  Go figure.)
  • Regardless of what time you atually get out of bed, coffee is a necessity.
  • The thought of singing a Jimmy Webb tune to close the church service tomorrow is EXTREMELY pleasing to me.  I need to practice.
*Candy Salyer is the wife of my good friend and co-worker Kevin; Candy is a kind and gentle woman who does a great job of keeping her family organized and CLEAN.  Mostly with a beautiful smile on her face.  I wonder if she ever reads my blog?  ‘Cause now she’s like, famous and all….