Uninterrupted Space

Over a foot of snow. The "Blizzard of 09".The rest of the world - away from the mid-Atlantic states - goes on as usual. Christmas shopping, concerts, shows, church services. But here in Virginia, DC and north and south of here, we are stuck. Time has slowed, stood still almost. Except for our connection to … Continue reading Uninterrupted Space

My Confession

When our income tax refund comes in, I usually take a bit of it and buy something for the house. Curtains, a chair, cookware; there's always something that we could use that seems like a reasonable splurge.This year, things have been so hectic and crazy that I decided rather than buying stuff to put in … Continue reading My Confession

...happy to report that the clothes are ALL folded....and put away...and the females are diligently cleaning their room...and the boys' room is clean (more or less)...and the last load of laundry awaits...and all the piles of paper have been sorted...and filed...it's not perfect, but:  there is order to the chaos.my head feels better.my tummy, however, … Continue reading