When She Touches Me, Amazing Things Happen

When she touches me, amazing things happen.Got your attention, I suppose. In preparation for my marriage to Tony a few years ago, we each read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Great, accurate concepts about communication; if you have relationships at all (which should be just about everybody, right?), you should read this book - … Continue reading When She Touches Me, Amazing Things Happen

The World Didn’t End!

Fighting some kind of physical ailment since Tuesday; I had to give in yesterday when the fever arrived. Seems like some sort of flu-type thing, with congestion, coughing, aches, headache and the afore-mentioned fever and chills.Thankfully, the worst of it seems to have come and gone - I hope. I slept for about 24 hours … Continue reading The World Didn’t End!

Estelle Getty died today. She was always my favorite Golden Girl, I think. Innocent, yet feisty enough to hold her own. It made me sad to hear of her passing. I loved that show, and always associated it with my grandmother; there were bits and pieces of her in every character.And who could forget these … Continue reading