Called Up

Unbelievable to me how things come together.I have this huge heaviness in my heart for Haiti.Our church donates thousands of dollars for earthquake relief, all of which we sent to Haiti via the Virginia Baptist Disaster Relief Fund.Today, my dear, awesome and amazing friend Jackie texts me with some incredible news about Haiti."Guess what? As … Continue reading Called Up

Don’t Forget

The Haitian government estimates approximately 230,000 died in the quakeIt estimates a further 300,000 people have sustained injuriesAn unknown number of others have died from untreated sepsis, illness, and injuryOne million remain homelessFifty thousand families have received tent-type emergency sheltersTents donated by the Cirque du Soleil might soon house the Haitian governmentMore than 500,000 children … Continue reading Don’t Forget

Pay Attention. Get A Life. Cut The Crap.

Photo from The Livesay Haiti blog.Still compelled to search out stories of Haiti, watching CNN, talking through the news with my family. Finding that these thoughts are not only occupying my immediate concerns, but somehow connecting with a shifting sense of purpose.I'm at this place where I know that things are changing, shifting. It feels … Continue reading Pay Attention. Get A Life. Cut The Crap.