When I Think About The Way…

I attended church today. I went in early, helped with the tech run and getting things organized. But when it came to the actual service, I attended – I did not serve. I went to Westchester at 9:30 and had a terrific experience, seeing first-hand what it’s like to go to church in a movie theatre and watch a message on video (in a word: AWESOME. And the seats are unbelievably comfortable!)

At 11:00 I walked into the Powhatan campus of PCC. The music was stellar; it was so fun to sing along and clap and really worship under the leadership of the great musicians on the platform.

Brian’s message – though I’d heard it earlier that morning at Westchester – was compelling. God’s been twisting some truth throughout my heart and I’m wrestling with a few things regarding generosity and my lifestyle (more than likely the impetus for a blog post later this week; I’m still processing).

And then today I receive an email from my friend Beth Anthony. The text said, “PLEASE WATCH THIS”, and a link was attached.

I watched it. And in light of 1) a worship song that I find almost unbearably powerful and quite meaningful on a personal level, and 2) the current teaching that we’re experiencing at PCC, it hit hard.

And I think it’s worth sharing.

It’s cute, to a point. But then it becomes a good bit more than cute.

Watch. And think.