Watermelon Redemption

One of the best, most delicious things about summer is watermelon. I have yet to find the perfect 2010 watermelon, but it's out there...somewhere...I ate half a watermelon tonight, in spite of its inferiority. Better than pretzels, a substitute for dinner.Summer food makes me happy. Squash and zucchini and berries, fresh tomatoes.I was raised in … Continue reading Watermelon Redemption

Good Times

This week has been entirely too much good stuff.Good conversation.Good sleep.Good laughter.Good movie (well...maybe. Have you seen Hamlet 2?)Good weather.Good sun (meaning NO SUNBURNS).Good games - hello, Bananagrams! I love you!Good coffee. Good morning conversations.Good homemade ice cream.Good walks - four miles every day with my sister-in-law.Good meals - again, my sister-in-law, who has created … Continue reading Good Times