Our Building Is Good

What a great day today – the very first Sunday service at PCC’s first permanent facility on Anderson Highway.

I was overwhelmed, all day long. There were many, many moments – many firsts. From the opening prayer at 9:05 when the room filled with VOLUNTEERS who were serving all over the building – like 100 of them – it was an amazing day full of surprises and emotion.
At one point, at the end of “He Is Yawheh”, I glanced over at Elijah and Marc, who were making incredible rhythmic patterns on the percussion gear, and I thought to myself, “REMEMBER THIS. BE IN THIS MOMENT. THIS IS A MOMENT. BE PRESENT.”
After waiting for weeks/months/years and pressing toward this day, hoping to turn a corner and get past this part of our mission, I didn’t want to miss anything.
And I think I grasped most of the day. It flew by too quickly but I was there, I remember, and it was GOOD.
Help us out, if you will. If you were with us today, help us evaluate (like Brian mentioned in the message). Let us know two things – you can answer in the comments below:
1. What worked really well today?

2. What would you like to see improved before you invite your friends and neighbors to come?
We appreciate your perspective – we want to honor God with excellence, and that includes celebrating what worked and improving what did not!
Thanks, in advance, for your help!