Dripping Wet

We’re leading worship at Eric’s church tomorrow.

We practiced tonight.

There was something magical about it. Comfortable, familiar, but new and transformative.

I miss the part of making music that changes me. Leading – always leading – is hard, because the leadership always has to transcend the artistry. If there are other people on the stage with you, you have to lead, if you’re the leader. There’s no escape. Sometimes – most times – that’s an awesome privilege. Sometimes – most times – it’s also very heavy.

When somebody else is wearing that hat, the opportunity for pure joy arrives. And when you trust that person implicitly – on a personal level as well as a musician – say, for instance, that person is your brother – then heaven cracks open to give your soul a chance to sing.

Sometimes you don’t know how dry you are until somebody pours a bucket of water on your head. Tonight, I’m soaked.


Just saw this awesome video.

A young violinist, in her first rock-n-roll gig.
Playing with her dad.
Who happens to be my brother.
Which makes her my neice.
I’m flapping my hands, and processing a priceless combination of pride, love and something I can’t even name. Except it has something to do with the gift of song and love for my family. And it brings a huge smile to my face.

The Universal Language

Music is universal. It’s in our souls, long before we start singing in school, before Guitar Hero, beyond time signatures, sharps and flats. Before anyone in Arcade Fire picked up an instrument.

So inspired by this short clip featuring one of my favorite artists. Ever.
Enjoy, and props to my brother, who twittered this my way.

This will make your day. It made mine.