Time For A Change

Today at PCC, we prayed together for our new president.  Regardless of your political preferences, he is our president, and we are compelled to pray for our leaders.  As Brian said this morning, if you can't pray for Barack Obama, you have a spiritual problem.Thanks to Tim Stevens, I came across this video.  I was … Continue reading Time For A Change

On The Eve Of The Election

http://farm.sproutbuilder.com/load/LQC8R6poDSn_DWXM.swfCarlos Whittaker posted today about the election and what we can do, other than vote, that will make a difference.  You can read his post here, and perhaps you'd be interested in participating in the live video stream prayer gathering he will host tonight.If not, at the very least, I challenge you to do the … Continue reading On The Eve Of The Election