Pain Given Dignity

I believe this is true."When we stay bitter, we don’t grow, and we don’t help the people around us. What God wants to do with our pain is turn it into ministry, into an empathy that will heal others. Some of the darkest seasons in your life may turn into a gift for somebody else. … Continue reading Pain Given Dignity

How To Read The Bible

Read a great post today by Kem Meyer. She lists her suggestions for the top five places to start reading the Bible. ~Acts ... to learn about the Church~James ... essential wisdom for daily living~Ecclesiastes ... an expose of the arrogant and ignorant expectations we fall victim to~Proverbs ... practical quotes, sayings and images for … Continue reading How To Read The Bible


So much is going on in our community this week.But I was particularly struck by something powerful in small group last night.  In a conversation that wound its way from Biblical parables to sin, grace, tithing, alcohol and everything in between, at one point somebody sucked it up and got really vulnerable.They simply said, "Hey, … Continue reading Honesty