Penguins And Memories

I’m nursing some Caturra coffee in my favorite cup – one that once belonged to my grandmother – and actually enjoying the opportunity to be still.  To my right is our Christmas tree, lit with white, covered in ornaments that tell an interesting and often comical history of our family.  There’s the card stock gingerbread man with Sydni’s named misspelled by a kind but misinformed Sunday school teacher years ago; the wooden angels with individual names across the bottom, a joint labor of love between my mom and I; tiny pictures of the kids as babies; gifts from former students and friends…

It occurs to me that we have few ornaments that reflect a more recent history.  A set of five penguins with each of the kids’ names, a memory of our first Christmas here in Virginia, without Lonnie, without a tree of our own – that one means a lot to me.  It took no small measure of courage to pick it out at the kiosk in the mall, bring it home and write those names.  I remember being so desperate to claim some sense of family.  A six dollar ornament was a tentative but important first step.
Perhaps it’s time to gather a few more ornaments.  Much of our lives have moved forward, in a very positive way.  Sitting here in a cluttered but quiet house, I feel home.  It is a very good place to be.  So perhaps I shall, indeed, go shopping. 
For ornaments.

Sleighbells Ring…Are You Listening?

Here’s my workspace today.  I’m finally feeling the Christmas spirit, and ironically I find that I’m at exactly the same spot geographically as I was last year.  Except it was snowing then.  Today, it’s just sunny – a rather optimistic day, I think.

In this picture you’ll see the Gingerbread House Kit that David and I will tackle this afternoon.  You see my trusty Dell, open to Twitter, where I find fascinating things like this free Christmas song by Sara Groves, thanks to my blog buddy Kim.  If you could hear this picture, you’d hear that cute little song of Christmas angst…
Make note of the PCC coffee cup, the external speakers, the Imagine Christmas production sheet, my bottle of chewable vitamin C (hoping to ward off the ‘yuck’ that seems to be lurking right behind my left eye).  And see the sunshine streaming in the windows?
Happy first of December, all!
Just to show how hard we’re working, here’s a few shots of last night’s edit project.   Pardon the quality – it’s my phone camera…

See how enthusiastic Sandy looks?  I think she was mad because I was 30 minutes late.  Can you blame her?  And how about Christine, looking all executive-like at Chauncey’s desk?  She was messing with her Crackberry all night.  Taught herself how to text!  Go, Christine!

Here’s Regina, who knows how to do things that most of us can only imagine.  She is the video edit QUEEN.

Imagine Christmas?  I am!