Time For A Change

Today at PCC, we prayed together for our new president.  Regardless of your political preferences, he is our president, and we are compelled to pray for our leaders.  As Brian said this morning, if you can’t pray for Barack Obama, you have a spiritual problem.

Thanks to Tim Stevens, I came across this video.  I was immediately struck by the way Obama is using YouTube to communicate with his constituency, surprised by the comfortable way in which he speaks to “us” through the camera – and inspired and excited by his call to “make a lasting commitment to make better the lives of your fellow Americans”.
I am praying for this man, and for our country and all that looms ahead of us.  
Hope you are, too.

Oh, and check out the website he mentions: usaservice.org. There’s a lot going on around here and several ways for us to participate in “making better the lives of our fellow Americans.”
EDIT:  Please go read Scott’s post about this – great point, well-taken.  Good stuff….
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