Study Break 2013

Every year, I get a study break. Every year, I try to take a bit of it. This year, I’m doing it right. (Here is a little glimpse of last year’s break…) I’m taking the entire break in one big clump, as encouraged by my boss (who had a terrific, extended study break during his … Continue reading Study Break 2013

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Study Breaks

Study break update: Things are going relatively well, considering we’ve had an earthquake and are in the path of a monster hurricane. These things don’t happen every day. I have had some great conversations and some interesting times of introspection. I have cried in the car listening to worship music. I have cried in the … Continue reading Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Study Breaks

Study Break 2011:7

This is the first study break I’ve taken since I’ve been married. It’s also the first one I have taken that involved leaving my kids at home (rather than coordinating times when they were on a trip or a break with their dad). I miss my family. I’m going home.