11.27.19 #30Days

It’s Thanksgiving eve, and it’s quiet in my house. While I’m home, feeling somewhat content, it’s a dramatically different experience this year. For the first time ever, I’ll celebrate this holiday with only one of my five children present. Everybody’s somewhere else this year.

But I’m not sad, not really. Syd asked me today, Are you okay, Mom? I know you’re probably sad… And as I answered her question, I realized that I was, indeed, content.

It surprises me; the greatest joy in my life is my family, all together. Tomorrow we’ll have a small Thanksgiving – only seven people. Syd reminded me that “small” for us is crowded for some, but seeing that we often have 19 crammed around the tables, this is definitely small. But small is still family and loved ones, and there’s a particular contentedness to embracing something different.

I think we have navigated so much sadness this year – death, loss, relationships ending – that at this juncture I am simply grateful to be present, to be mindful of the fragility of our existence, and to delight in the fact that my children are with loved ones, even though we are not here together.

And there is this immeasurable comfort, that we have added to the family one small, precious baby girl, who is the reason that several people are elsewhere this Thanksgiving. I have no intention of doing anything but celebrating that gift of grace.

So I will leave these words here, along with a few photographs; as I anticipated the different way my holiday would unfold, I decided to lean into the bits and pieces of joy that popped into my life throughout the day.

The day began with a 7AM gathering of church people – our ‘Season Finale’ of morning worship, which we do on FB live five days a week. Some of my favorite people in all the world were part of today’s short time of singing and talking. I caught a photo on the church’s Instagram story and noticed my very unladylike stance at the piano. Upon further reflection, I realized that this is how I roll all the time. So be it; I play like a linebacker. I won’t apologize.


Special bonus: My mom and my eldest daughter at her workplace. She’ll kill me for posting the photo, but I do so to emphatically make the point that even sans makeup and in her work clothes, she is absolutely lovely. I enjoyed time with both of these delightful women today.

IMG_7836Spotted at Wegmans today: This vehicle. For reasons I can’t really go into right now, our creative team is looking for a similar car. If this one is yours, please contact me!

59658785981__32E3DFF7-A0D0-4D47-9450-6361CA5F6061Somebody I know bought some AirPods, and then proceed to lose them. I found them today, and there was much rejoicing.

IMG_7841Finally, in a development that bodes well for the future, I discovered two important things about cheese today. First, there is this: SHREDDED CHEESE CONTAINS ADDITIVES. I think perhaps I had this knowledge stored in the recesses of my mind, but I’d forgotten. Armed with this information, I purchased blocks of cheese for tomorrow’s Mac and Cheese side dish.

Secondly: Did you know that you could shred cheese with your food processor? I DIDN’T. Armed with this knowledge, I spent the evening flinging bits and pieces of cheese all over the kitchen. It’s not an exact science; Tony, a friend, and I spent a few minutes hashing through the best way to shred cheese in a food processor. I engineered a workable solution that involved VERY chilled cubes of cheese, precise measurements (THREE CUBES AT A TIME), and my flattened palm.

It worked.

It’s been a good day, full of moments of laughter, purpose, and love.

I’m grateful.

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