11.1.19 #30DAYS


30 Days of Gratitude: Day #1

I am grateful for this bloom from something I thought was little more than a pesky weed. All summer long, it grew tall and pointed, but only thin and green. No blooms in sight. I never pulled it out of the pot, because there was something appealing about its height and texture.

When I walked out on the deck early this week and saw the flower, I said – literally – Well HELLO THERE! 


  • I didn’t know that this was anything more than a weed. It bloomed and I learned something.
  • There are many things I do not know, and a little patience might reveal other surprising discoveries.
  • Some stuff holds back throughout the spring and summer and offers a beautiful gift when you least expect it. So don’t give up too soon.
  • Natural beauty makes me smile.

I’m grateful that I was humbled, caught off guard, and offered a gift that gave me great pleasure.

One other thing I do not know: What is the name of this flower?

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