I wrote about important people in my life in 31 Days of Door Holders.

I did thirty one days of songs.

In 2013, I wrote 31 days of moments – things I noticed. That was the beginning of my October journey of discipline, and I’ve had three consecutive years. I confess that 2016 has flown by, full of goodness and grace and way too much busyness, and today really snuck up on me.

But I have been thinking about this, and toying with two different ideas; and so today I have to decide, and I have.

I’m going to do 31 days of books. 31 books.

img_1948This is a snapshot of three shelves on one of the nine bookshelves in our house. There are dresser drawers full of books as well. There are books stacked in a basket in the bedroom, and in the nooks and crannies of the coffee table.

There are books everywhere, and it is by choice. I consistently cull and weed out as I can, but I have come to understand this about the books in my house: They are important. These books represent ideas, epiphanies, new ways of thinking, changes of direction, new ideas. They hold memories of specific seasons. They are keys to my history, and often represent my future as well. Mine are mostly fiction, theology, memoir, scrapbooks. My husband’s are textbooks and things like The Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers from 1942. Together, we fill the shelves; and, for us, these shelves offer a unique perspective into our lives and what – and who – we love.

In the next 31 days, I intend to write daily about one of the books currently on my shelves (or something from the library that left a mark). I have no list, no plan; this will be random and inspired by the spirit’s leading. And this is what I know to be true; I’ll learn more about myself in these next 31 days than you will.

And this is another thing I know to be true: Every time I learn a little something more about myself, I inch closer to becoming whole.

Thanks be to God.

I welcome your comments, encouragement, and accountability. For my fellow book lovers, I am hoping you might offer a few tidbits and sneak peeks into your lives, whether through conversation about books I share here, or by some revelation of your own.

We’ll start tomorrow, with a book about trees.




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  1. Cool! I will be interested to read!


  2. Brooks Ann Smith October 2, 2016 — 12:57 pm

    Can’t wait!!!! Love these blogs !!!


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