Created. Redeemed. Provided For.

I didn’t really relax until Thursday. On a vacation that began the Saturday prior, scheduled to last but one week, that left precious little time to find the good things that one expects with unscheduled, unscripted days and nights.

It just takes that long, and I should know better, because it always takes that long.

But here’s what is good: I sought peace, every day. I’d drag my book and my colored pencils and my fat green journaling book out to the third floor deck, and I’d sit in that extra-wide rocking chair and stare over the tops of the tall trees at the relentless coming and going of the sea. I read, and I thought, and I doodled and colored those doodles beautiful, and I waited for something sacred to rise to the surface.

And it did.

I’m not ready to enter back into the life I vacated; I am certain that is not the plan or the path. I am claiming one more day, set aside to hear and to obey. Today my ears were opened and encouraged, as journaling over a morning coffee on a Sunday morning led me to consider the true intent of a Sabbath, and how precious and necessary that is, and how a Sunday morning outside the norm truly feels like a Sabbath to me, because I was literally and absolutely not working, and when does that ever happen? I’ll tell you: NEVER. So my pen flew across the lined paper and I wrote about the deep, calm truth of the Sabbath; and then I walked a block down the street and went to a worship service and the pastor began his message talking about the Sabbath and Jesus healing a guy on the Sabbath and the religious people getting all upset (though to be honest, Jesus also basically said he was God, too, which is another reason they got all upset). I’m already thinking about Sabbath and God is saying Look, I know where your head is and I know what’s going on in your heart and I hear you and I’m in the middle of this, too, so would you just trust me? How about it?  And the pastor goes on to define the principle of the Sabbath (in the context of his message), which is that doing the right thing is the right thing regardless of what day it is, like Chick fila serving chicken sandwiches on Sunday to all the people giving blood after the Pulse shootings in Orlando, never mind that they aren’t open on Sunday, because doing the right thing is the right thing, period. 

And that gave me lots to think about, in a slightly different direction.

But the bottom line, for me, is this: I went on vacation and hung out with my family and walked the beach and ran / walked 15 miles in one week and talked to God in the same space where we’ve met for conversations about Important Things for the past 25 years. I came home with a handful of shells and these three truths, which are forming something powerful in me for the future:

God created you. God redeemed you. God will provide for you. 

It ain’t much, but – then again – it’s everything. And everything is enough for me, right now.




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  1. You didn’t walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but you were restored.


  2. Can’t wait to see where you go from here.


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