Peter, Paul & Mary: Donna’s Memories

I have another friend I’ve never met; one who has been in the blogosphere for as long as I have. Her journey is fascinating – the child of African missionaries, she draws from a rich deposit of memories and experiences. Read her blog here – and read on below to discover Donna’s Record of Influence, and a sweet love story.

By the way…my parents had this record. Or maybe it was an 8-track. Either way, I know these songs, too…

My record of influence is the album “Peter, Paul and Mary in Concert”. There are so many aapf_1555ways this record was important—but here is the primary reason.  It was the FIRST gift ever my almost boyfriend (now husband) gave me. The album included a song of Mary singing “There is a Ship.”  You see, that’s the song that helped my husband fall in love with me.
We were working together at a youth camp one summer. Our first interactions were full of mutual intense dislike. I though him cocky, and he thought me uppity. Such is teen love. Anyway, by the end of the camping week, we were talking more and more. The last overnight of camp all the kids took to the surrounding woods with sleeping bags in hand. And, of course, so did the counselors. After the campers were asleep, my to-be-husband and I talked. And talked. And then I sang to him “There is a Ship”  which includes in its words “But not as deep as the love I’m in, I know not if I sink or swim.”
I don’t know if that did it, or if the fact that he told me then that no one had ever sung to him, but whatever it was, that was the electric spark. And that—dear reader—is how and when and why my now husband and I fell in love. That was in the summer of 1965.  So the influence of that record—for us, it was for a lifetime.


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  1. What a great story, Donna. When I first heard this song in 1979, it was sung by Karla Bonoff with James Taylor singing harmony, and it was called “The Water is Wide.” ( Very romantic song!


  2. I love this story! Music is such a powerful force to communicate what we want to share. I’m so glad that this song is a part of the story of your love and your life.


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