Christian Miller In 1993

I met Christian Miller years ago; probably right after we moved here and the kids started school. He is one of the most unique individuals I have ever met – no hyperbole. Christian is passionate about people; as an educator, he’s one of those guys who pour so much into his students that the relationships remains strong long after graduation. 
He has an infectious, engaging personality; Christian does everything big – and whatever that 12932939_10209104868964301_1692740549967811063_n
thing is,  it’s always, always filled with joy. For almost 10 years now he has been a presence in and around our church and our community, and we are better for it. One of the most striking characteristics of this man is humility; he has an unbelievable gift for vocal music, which he shares with us at church from time to time. When he is leading worship, he is always behind the music. He elevates what matters most, and it endears me (and others) to him. 
For all those reasons, I eagerly anticipated his response to my questions for this project. 
Boy, was I surprised. But, now I love him even more; and his story reminds me of how important it is to notice and encourage our kids’ passions….

MMC Mickey Mouse Club – 1993 Album
I was 11 years old. It was my first album. At the time, no one (I thought) knew how much I MMCloved to sing. I never really sang for people; I would go to my room to listen to music. Christmas, 1993: I didn’t ask for it, but my parents just knew I loved music and got me this CD. It meant a lot, because it meant they saw my love of music and that they saw me.
The best songs:
Step to the Rhythm – true 80’s style! OMG – this song was awesome!
Give Me Back My Groove – the girl that sang this had some pipes!
I Saw Her First –  a cool, almost-boy-band song – haha. Wow!
I Want You Back – a deep song about love that no kid would really know anything about.
The significant relationship around this record was with my parents, and how they saw my passion. It was really cool for the 11-year-old me to feel seen and understood, even over a passion for music that I thought I hid pretty well.
I don’t listen to this record anymore…but I did for this project. I just listened to the whole album on youtube – oh, my goodness, the smile on my face feels permanent! I love this so much! Think about it – over 20 years ago…wow!!!

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