Records Of Influence

My life is an often-bizarre amalgamation of music, parenting, faith, leadership, mental health, relationships and teaching the dog to come when I call her. This blog often reflects all that, and more.

At least it’s authentic. 

I’ve been revisiting a good bit of older music lately; and by ‘older’, I mean the stuff that was around in my most formative years. And by ‘formative years’, I mean the stuff my dad played on the 8-track, and the stuff I listened to in high school, and the 80’s music of my college years. You know – the good stuff.

My youngest son is ‘discovering’ Steely Dan and some old jazz and it’s incredibly rewarding as a parent (He has good taste! I did something right!). Revisiting this music is interesting; it stimulates nostalgia, for sure. But it also makes me think about how solid the actual music is; some of this stuff has staying power, for good reason.

Inevitably, it strikes a chord (see what I did there?), and I find myself thinking about how I have been shaped and formed by particular records. Unlike CDs today, where you just know the number on the disc, there was a particular attachment to vinyl, I think. You got four or five songs on a side, and you had to flip it over to listen to the second side. It was a lot harder to skip around, so listening to a record was a little bit more of an immersive experience, I think. For me, anyway…

I’ve decided to blog about this; about once a week, I’m going to write about a particular record and its influence on my life. Even more exciting and interesting, I’ll have some guest posts on the blog, doing the same thing. I have some friends with fascinating tastes in music, and I find myself curious about their formative influences. I have a few lined up already (AND I’M SO EXCITED!), but there’s room for more – if you’re interested, just let me know!

I haven’t decided what will be first for me, but I’m thinking John Denver.

And just stop turning your nose up. I have my reasons….




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  1. Please write about John Denver – any chance you get. Today’s generation mainly thinks of him as a goofy guy with weird glasses that hung out with muppets. They need to be exposed to spiritual man that rejoiced in our many differences, praised our father in heaven and cared for mother Earth. He taught us to slow down and notice the people, animals and world around us. He taught us how to love, forgive, and love again when life requires it of us. I have proudly professed him to be my favorite singer/songwriter for most of my life -even when it wasn’t cool. Please write about John Denver – I will read.


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