Things Change

“I think that wherever I am, I’m happy.”

I said this today, in an offhand way. It’s not exactly true for the smaller, detailed moments of life; but I think it might be true on a larger scale. Mostly, all the time, I can find the joy.

Lots of changes are happening all around me. And generally speaking, I like change. I enjoy the departure from the norm. We’re entering into a season of change with our family, with kids coming home from college and settling back into family life, some additions to our family – with not only an upcoming wedding, but another surprising family expansion (tune in tomorrow).

(and no, I’m not pregnant)

(and neither is Shannon)

(nor anyone else)

(just wait)

Seasons change, and as we move full-bore into spring, my peonies are bursting out of their shells and waving their pristine beauty all over the place. We’re past the dry, brittle bones of winter and into the lush, fragrant landscape of spring and newness of life.

It surrounds us, this newness. And yet, it took the dry, dead texture of winter’s brokenness to get us here. All this newness is bigger and brighter and more welcome because of what came before.

And we know that this, too, shall pass; and winter awaits us again, around the corner of a long, hot summer and autumn’s fiery color.

The cycle of the seasons become more valuable to me with every passing year. I think it is because I welcome the new, and because I like change. But it is also this; that the changes seasons, the constant, consistent cycle of death and life and death and life again reminds me that this, too, will pass.

This depression that grips your soul.

This lack of clarity.

This deep, unyielding sorrow.

This bitter pain.

It all passes, over time. It may not leave us, sure; but all things do pass, and we find a way to move forward. And in some seasons we shout, like the peonies. We celebrate and dance and lean into joy.

In other seasons, we wait. We bite our nails and worry ourselves and long for something different to remind us that there is hope.

Wherever you are today, take heart. Things change – of this you can be sure. So either breathe deep and celebrate the beauty, or cling tightly to the truth of time, and seasons, and the rising and setting of the sun; this, too, shall pass.

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