A Very Boring Blog Post

Random things, in no particular order.

I’ve not been writing much on this blog lately. New job responsibilities and a change in routine are the root cause. Yet I have been writing; I’ve started a practice called Morning Pages, in which, before I get into the day, I sit down with a pen and paper – the old-fashioned way – and let the words pour out. It’s been very revealing to see what comes rolling out of my head and heart before I engage in the responsibilities of life. Very therapeutic, as well. Basically, it’s journaling – but in a time, place and format that I find very effective. It’s good writing practice as well. Most interestingly – the words are for me, only. Well, I suppose you could read them if you came in my house and picked up the orange notebook on the kitchen table. You know, the one that says, Morning Pages. But I’m writing, mostly not-for-publication, and I am finding that it makes a difference.

My beloved brought home a gift today; a transcription of some Oscar Peterson piano pieces. I’ve been
sight-reading these pieces, which are fresh to me, and it’s deeply satisfying. And mildly challenging.

I’ll spare you the details, but after a visit to the doctor last week, I’ve entered a new era of hormonal experiences. Life is never boring. Bring on the chocolate, and if you’re considering a Mirena IUD, talk to me first.

The fireplace in our home is functional, again – finally. It’s set up for propane rather than wood – which isn’t ideal, but it’s fire. And it’s warm. And it’s relaxing. It also now requires that we rearrange the living room – again.

I’m a huge fan of snow days – but I’m ready for spring. School was out today and again, tomorrow; at some point entropy sets in and the blessing becomes a curse.

I heard today that some unknown person(s) connected with our church expressed concern regarding the liberal slant of my blog posts. I just can’t help but smile at that one. Most liberal folks I know find me frustratingly conservative.

My youngest used his snow day down time to sew a slipper out of leftover felt. I’m not kidding.

I am completely convinced that Jesus is, indeed, greater than religion. If more of us – myself included – took the time to seriously consider the implications of elevating what he said and did and challenged us to do over obeying rules and regulations, I think we’d live in a dramatically different world.

One thought on “A Very Boring Blog Post

  1. Love your idea of pen and paper, and your Morning Pages! I TRY to start every day with a morning devotion, Bible readings listed in the devotion, and writing in a special journla that I use with the devotion…I usually just end up writing the scripture and thoughts that go with it; usually part of the actual devotion instead of my own thoughts…I need to work on that!

    The slipper your youngest stitched is…neat! so creative!

    Thanks for sharing your random thoughts!


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