31 Songs: All About That Bass

I am exhausted, after a night of NO sleep, three intensely exciting worship services, a trip (and a traffic jam) to Carter Mountain Orchard (HELLO 18 LB. PUMPKIN!!) with the family and a long drive home.

So, this post will be short and sweet. And maybe a little bit grumpy.

Shannon and I were talking about this song (and humming it, because how can you not?) as we drove home. It’s catchy, for sure. And on the surface, it’s a great empowerment song.

Don’t be defined by your size!

Be proud of who you are!


But I have a few issues with this tune, and I will list them here, in order of what-irritates-me-most:

“My mama she told me ‘Don’t worry about your size / 

boys like a little more booty to hold at night’ “

Hey, Mama? That’s really lousy parenting. What mother tells that to her daughter? How does that empower a girl? How about this: Don’t worry about your size because your size doesn’t define you – NOT because some boys “like more booty”.

I mean, really? UGH.

(And yes, I know it’s a song with made up lyrics. But, still…)

“I got that BOOM BOOM that all the boys chase / 

all the right junk in all the right places”

Hey, guess what – your ‘boom boom’ is not for the boys to chase. And I can only guess that you’re tying the ‘right place’ comment to what pleases the boys? Come one, girl; your body’s purpose is NOT to attract boys. You’re more than that!

Lastly, I’m not even going to bother to cut and paste a quote; just stop calling women b—-es, okay? Can we PLEASE stop this? It makes my ears hurt and makes me wanna smack somebody.
I’m all for the premise of empowerment in this song. I love the general idea. And the video is cute as all get-out. But when we still cast every good thing we have in terms of whether or not it’ll draw a guy’s attention, and if it all still comes at the expense of comparing ourselves to other girls (and calling them names to boot), well, it seems like the same ol’ same ol’. 
We really aren’t all about that bass, are we?
Full disclosure: I LOVE the hook. It’s incredibly well-crafted. It works. It just feels like a waste.

5 thoughts on “31 Songs: All About That Bass

  1. It is VERY catchy. My 11 year old son was singing it the other day, which led to some good conversation about that stuff… you know… the stuff that Mamas don't like to talk to their sons about. Great post!


  2. Great post! I also feel torn about this song, especially when in the car with my 8- & 3-year old daughters. The surface message is great, but I don't like some of the language and the overall attitude. But boy, it sure is catchy! 🙂


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