The Night Before

Not a lot of words, but there’s this:

At one point, I found myself completely drenched in love and warmth and hope and gratitude and trust and wonder and joy and awe.

This is really happening.

I leaned over towards Shannon’s dad and whispered, “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

I don’t think he was totally with me on that. Dads and moms probably find different depths of emotion welling up in them in such moments.

But that was it, and it washed over me like a tsunami.

Surrounded by love, in ways I cannot explain and would not, in this moment, if I could. Tomorrow is the day it becomes a story.

Today, it is our lives.

Thank you, to all who played a part. The list is long.

Every bit matters.



My niece. My student. My heart, so full.


Special women.

These guys….

The best surprise guests at the rehearsal – loved having these two here!

Two of my favorite people in the entire universe. I love these faces, so much.

Very fond of this group of people; the musicians.

This was…something… 
The menfolk at this event have excellent taste in footwear. And in socks.

Again, the socks. He claims to have knitted these himself.

What a joy to have this family part of this wedding.

This picture; this moment.

A flower girl; a maid of honor. 

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