Work And Worship

My work is wound around spiritual journeys, collective and personal.

I am part of a community of faith, a gathering of men and women and children who identify as followers of Christ. Imperfect, fractured.



My work is intertwined tightly with my life, which is the great joy and occasional strain of anyone who has the great fortune to do what they love. It is all-encompassing.

By trade, training and passion, I am, first and foremost, a musician. The artistic wiring in my soul tends to trump most everything else, regardless of the time I spend developing leadership and team-building skills, in spite of my intellectual or organizational growth; music and art drive me. I receive life from it, I bleed life into it, and my daily comings and goings are tinged with this particular mindset.

So, there is this thing; I work, and it is a peculiar design of artistic endeavor and creativity and teamwork and leadership and institutional management and organizational structure, and it blends together in this apex of a weekend corporate experience that we generally, casually, call “church”. Or “worship”.

It is a gathering, a time of focus and expectant attention. It is a time for revelation and teaching and acknowledgement of the One who is Creator, the Genesis of ourselves.

Work and worship. It is a weekly enigma, the working out of my salvation and calling that leads me through valleys and up mountains and into wilderness and all over, everywhere, but never out of the reach of the One who made me.

Within me is a mounting excitement, because I believe in the power of a focused waiting, a gathering of humanity with faces turned toward heaven, with eyes watchful and ears open. A gathering of people, under the umbrella of mercy, hoping – needing – desperate for the reality of the supernatural God of our faith. God of our fathers.

Our God.

This next Saturday, I will be in that crowd, led by those called and anointed, dedicated, carrying the evidence of the covenant to the people of God. I fully expect we will rise up.

If you are within a reasonable distance, I really hope you’ll come. Something amazing, life changing, legitimate and awe-inspiring will happen. I feel it in my bones, I trust what the spirit whispers.

I cannot wait.

Next Saturday evening, 7PM, at PCC’s Powhatan Campus
 More information and tickets available here.

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