Beautiful Things

The view the Inn at Sugar Hollow

What an amazing week.

First, there was the engagement party last week, and the subsequent conversations (WEDDING! WEDDING! WEDDING!); then Mother’s Day, with All The Kids Home, and then the birthday.

My birthday, yes. Amazing. Awesome. I have approached this day with anxiety, fear and trembling. Having to say, “I am fifty” sounded like the last words of a lost, lonely, desperate, old and unimportant woman (I know, I know – you want me to get over it. I am! Bear with me a minute more…)

I’m there, we pushed through it, I LIVED AN ENTIRE DAY AS A 50-YEAR OLD PERSON AND ALL IS WELL.

Got that? All is well.

I like it.

It’s kind of like riding a roller coaster; the fear is in the climb up the hill, the slow, rickety, shaky climb. And the moment at the top, the peak – that split-second before the wind picks up and the bottom falls out of your stomach and you realize that you love this feeling…

Yeah. It’s like that.

Anyway, we took a great trip for my birthday; a day off and a short drive through Charlottesville to The Inn at Sugar Hollow. It was, in short: beautiful, restful, friendly, relaxing, awesome, comfortable and delicious.

I was so fond of the over-sized deluxe whirlpool bath that I used it. Twice.

I took two baths in one day. Just because I could.

It’s a great getaway and we had a great time. My husband surprised me with a beautiful gift (jewelry; he gives me jewelry and, quite frankly, I never get over it) and I enjoyed him so much as we walked around downtown Charlottesville, window-shopping and contemplating where we’d like to eat.

I left the computer at home. I took pictures. We had a great time.

What a week.

Today, my eldest son went to his first prom. So handsome, so responsible, so grown-up….I am so proud of him, and happy to continue the tradition of being one of Those Parents who take a million pictures of their kids.

Looking good!

Tonight, we celebrated my dad’s birthday – it’s the day after mine. I marvel at my fifty years; he celebrated SEVENTY-FOUR years, and that’s more of a marvel, really. We gave him a bag full of goodies that every seventy-four year old man needs – stuff like Nutella and new socks and a shirt that says, “SWAG SWAG SWAG”. And a Billy Graham book. And nuts. And more.

And I came home to a clean house and a lovely 18-year old daughter and two junior high boys and a husband who is back in the real world after giving me an amazing transition into being who I am.

A happy woman.

Downtown historic Charlottesville

Beautiful things…

One thought on “Beautiful Things

  1. I love this post, Beth! I am older than you–stop with the fifty stuff! 🙂

    It really is all good. It's just sometimes hard to say the numbers in relation to yourself!


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